The DIGR-ACT Solution

The DIGR-ACT® Solution

Do you need to learn from issues and reduce the risk of them repeating?

Want to go beyond “retraining” and better meet the spirit and letter of the regulations?

Many times teams default to retraining without truly understanding

the root causes of the poor performance.

The DIGR-ACT® Solution focuses on addressing the right issue and/or risk at the right level.

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DIGR-ACT® is a solution that helps learners manage issues and risks that matter, to dig down into the details and use proven techniques to obtain root cause(s). And it helps you work through how to act on those root cause(s) to try to reduce the risk of issues occurring. The training uses the latest in interactive e-learning, using a real industry example first taking the “wrong” road with analysis of a clinical trial issue and end up in frustration at a dead-end through re-training. Then the principles of DIGR-ACT are applied through interactive exercises along the “right” road. Have a go following the right road as you use the DIGR-ACT® solution and see where it takes you!

Quotes from our Clients

Colleagues - this is one of the most exciting things I have the privilege of sharing for a while.... great, interactive learning for clinical trials pros that really fosters critical thinking with a VERY fresh approach. Definitely check it out. I had the privilege of auditing and it’s fantastic.
— Bill Beyer (Director at the Life Science Training Institute)